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For us it’s the highlight of the year. To make sure it’s yours too, we search high and wide for the biggest names and the biggest stories to put on our massive Conference stage. See the industry’s biggest movers and shakers, makers and doers in person–some of whom only rarely appear in public.


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State of the German Internet

We would never dream of putting a top speaker in the opening slot of the Conference, when guests are still making their way to their seats. So, we’re sending in Philipp to warm up the crowd with his insights into current and developments in the digital marketing universe.

A Journey Through Data and Marketing

Everyone is talking about data. Big. Smart. Data is the topic du jour in marketing. And yet, we still are unaware of all of its myriad of possibilities, how it's being used today and how smaller organizations can stand to profit from its power. Nate Silver is one of the few names who's been able to show how data projection models truly work. His data analysis on sports, elections and a wide range of business matters have helped him make a name for himself around the world. At OMR18, Nate will set about explaining the power and possibilities of data.

Are You Agile?

Now that digital reigns supreme, opportunities in marketing are greater than ever—but so are the challenges, pressures, and pace. To thrive, marketers have to rethink how they work. Facebook's Head of Ads & Business Platform, Mark Rabkin, draws lessons for the moment from a surprising source: the software industry in the early 2000s and the Agile revolution that unleashed its talent.

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A Critical Look at Digital, Advertising and the World Beyond

Scott is the best marketing speaker in the world. Period. He's a major source of inspiration for us because he shoots straight, is a fellow mover and shaker, a major name on YouTube and, above all, because he constantly surprises us. Scott describes the ins and outs of the marketing world in his own unmistakable style. You need not share all of his opinions, but listening to him rant is simply a pleasure.

Creating Brands Around Yourself

At 23, Sophia founded “Nasty Gal,” an eBay store that went on to become one of the fastest growing fashion retailers in the world. Nasty Gal had a good run, but was forced to close up shop in 2016. In spite of it all, Sophia evolved into a strong personal brand, publishing her life’s story under the name #Girlboss. The book was such a massive hit that Netflix optioned it into a series. What does she do differently than everyone else? How does she generate awareness for her projects and herself as a brand? What is her magic recipe?

Hey Google, what does Marketing of the future look like?

Naomi links developers of the Google Voice with brands, who are first movers on this brand new platform. Together with David, she'll discuss what brands can expect to achieve with voice marketing at present and what the future holds.



Zalando: The world's biggest company you've never heard of.

Live Podcast: 50 years after Germany’s economic miracle, Robert Gentz pulled off a second German miracle: Zalando. The company is known as being on the cutting edge of digital marketing and Robert is among the most influential figures in European Internet business. At OMR18, Robert will field questions from OMR legend and digital entrepreneur Sven Schmidt.

Next Up in Programmatic

Brian is a global pioneer for programmatic marketing, and founder of Appnexus and Right Media. In the past decade, Brian has influenced the world of adtech in ways most other can only dream of. At OMR18, he will present his vision for the future of programmatic. Buzzword spoiler: If you’ve been following Brian, you’re well aware of his role in applying blockchain technologies to marketing.

Global Publishing Star from Berlin

David Fischer is a publishing phenomenon. In 2005, he founded his personal blog Highsnobiety in Berlin. Today, the blog has evolved into a successful international lifestyle magazine that reaches nine million readers every month. One of the biggest reasons for its success? Highsnobiety is a constant first mover on new platforms. At OMR18, David will talk about how the company was able to generate millions of social media fans and what role Kayne West played in Highsnobiety’s success.

Building a Business Through Social

While she’s only 26, Kayla Itsines is already one of the most influential fitness stars in the world thanks to a clever Instagram strategy. She has more than 8 million followers on the platform, whom she motives through a slew of user generated content. The community sends in before and after pics to track their fitness success—and promote Kayla's fitness regiment natively in the progress. At OMR18, Kayla will talk about leveraging a clever social strategy into a successful business together with her partner and CEO of Sweat, Tobi Pearce.

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Content that Sticks Out

Tim Urban is a self-made content superstar. His long-reads on attract interest from around the world. Elon Musk asked him to write about his projects. Millions of unique users read his articles every month. How did he manage to get so big with his content? How does he monetize his reach? The site's slogan, "A new post every sometimes," helps reinvent the modern content and distribution lifecycle.

The Intelligent Future

At just 37, Howard Lerman has already acquired numerous startups and helped guide one of those to a billion-dollar evaluation in 2017—Yext. And despite the massive success, both the man and the business remain a kind of hidden champion, a fact probably due to the business model of his billion-dollar cash cow. At OMR18, Howard will shed light on what it is that Yext does and how it profits from new platforms and trends.

Building Metallica

Lars Ulrich is a drummer and founder of Metallica—the biggest metal band in the world. For years, he's been actively monitoring the entire digital industry and taken strong positions on a variety of issues. In addition, he helped keep Metallica among the biggest names in music for decades. At OMR18, he'll talk about how he sees the current digital universe.


Live Concerts begin at 6:00 PM right after the Conference.

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