Who’s the most GIF-ted? These brands are killing it on GIPHY

OMR crawled and ranked the largest branded channels on GIPHY

Giphy Brand Ranking OMR 30 years. That’s how long GIFs have been around. But GIFs (pronounced GIF or JIF—if you like being wrong) have never been as popular as they have been in the last five years. On GIPHY, the world’s largest GIF portal, 200 million people search for the perfect video loop. With so much traffic, it’s no wonder that brands and companies run their own accounts. That got us to thinking: who’s the biggest brand on the platform? And how big is the biggest channel? To find out who’s the king GIF marketing, we created an algorithm to crawl GIPHY and then ranked the top-50.
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OMR Festival 2018—Speaker announcement #1:

The Fortune Teller, the Fitness Queen and two publishing heavyweights

Kayla Itsines, Nate Silver, Tim Urban & David Fischer—Live on stage in Hamburg this March.

40,000 attendees. That’s our goal for OMR18. To reach it, we’re literally going to reach for the stars. Our star-studded speaker line-up for March 22 & 23, 2018 in Hamburg is slowly starting to take shape. Today is announcement number 1: speakers and what’s in store at OMR18.
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Share begging and recycled tech vids: traffic tricks a la Axios and Cheddar

How the new darlings of the US publishing scene build an audience

Axios Cheddar

Jim VandeHei from Axios (left) and Jon Steinberg from Cheddar (Collage: OMR)

They are two of the most talked about projects in digital publishing: Axios and Cheddar. The former a new news agency covering politics and finance run by Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei; the latter a self-styled “CNBC for millennials” founded by ex-Buzzfeed COO Jon Steinberg. OMR takes a closer look at them both to shed light on their lofty objectives—and uncovers just what crafty and opportunistic means they’ll go to to reach them.
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“I don’t give a sh*t about legacy.”

Agency legend Bob Greenberg on the OMR Podcast

Bob Greenberg OMR Podcast

R/GA-Founder Bob Greenberg.

He’ll soon be 70 and still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Bob Greenberg, R/GA founder is a legend among ad agencies—although he could care less about his legacy. Guest host and Thjnk founder Michael Trautmann sat down to talk with Bob on the OMR Podcast to find out why he likes repositioning the company once every nine years, his thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk and which companies could make the leap and join the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

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Ellesse: the story of a comeback through digital marketing

Titans of 80s sport’s fashion returns to center court through platforms like Asos and Instagram

With a revenue increase of 45% only a handful of other sport brands could come close to matching Ellesse’s growth in 2016. Quite the comeback for a brand that was washed up and nearly relegated to history. The heydays of the 70s and 80 were followed by the doldrums of the 80s, 90s, 00s and 2010s. In fact, the brand has really only made a comeback in the past two years. It’s catalyst? Digital marketing. OMR pieced together just how the brand set about and reconstructed their successful quest for a second act.

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10 dollars to check your kicks: Yeezy Busta knows what you’re wearing

600,000 Followers on the 19 year old’s Instagram account

Yeezy Busta

“Yeezy Busta” at work. (Image: Youtube)

The sneaker hype online shows no signs of slowing. Models like “Yeezy” by Adidas and Kanye West and their absolute limited supply give rise to an incredible amount of hype—and to counterfeits. A 19-year-old med student from LA has decided to take up the fight against fakes. On his Instagram account, he not only takes celebs to task for wearing knock-offs, but also helps out regular dudes and dudettes with an authenticity check—and apparently makes bank.
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The youth shall inherit the internet

From pop-up ads in Germany to affiliate network kingpin in Russia—and €180 million in revenue

Alexander Bachmann

Admitad founder Alexander Bachmann

Sometime last week, OMR grand poobah and founder Philipp burst into the office. Short of breath and all sorts of wound up, Philipp lays out a hot scoop from OMR-family friend Andre Alpar. What’s the hubbub all about? A sponsored post published by US blogger Jeff Bullas: a classic strike-it-rich story of an initial €30 investment mushrooming into annual revenue of EUR 100 million. The protagonist? German Alexander Bachmann.
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Mary Meeker is a moneymaker: Here are her 6 top online shops worth copying

The Meek shall inherit the Internet

Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

It’s appointment viewing for the industry. Mary Meeker’s “Internet Trends” turns marketing heads from across the industry. On over 350 slides, Meeker, a partner at Silicon Valley VC firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, presented her outlook and ones to watch for the next year back in July. To make sure that nothing important gets lost in the shuffle we took a closer look and have highlighted 6 eCommerce startups worth keeping your eye on.
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This is the German company behind the nightmarish phone cases on Amazon

Proof of Amazon’s increasing relevance as an SEO platform

Eczema-ridden hands, old men in diapers or a good old-fashioned butt plug are just three of some 30K motifs that “my-handy-design” was hawking to users. Up until a few days ago, the uncouth motifs were available on Amazon, and also caused quite the stir in the international press. OMR found out who’s behind the coup and also explains just how the “my-handy-design” phenomenon is indicative of the current state of Online Marketing.

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Marketing that’s a riot.

What better way to boost affiliate marketing revenue than by capitalizing on social unrest?

G20 Affiliate

Last week, Hamburg took center stage in the world’s media consciousness—first as host of the much-anticipated G20 Summit, and then as a playground for marauding rioters to clash with police, set fire to cars and plunder local businesses. The coverage garnered significant traction on social media especially, where the at times terrifying videos were shared several million times. But like the old saying goes, every Molotov cocktail has a silver lining (Is that right? Yeah, that’s right.) And marketers loose on morals recognized the chance and pounced to earn money as affiliates. OMR presents the questionable practice.
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