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Insights & inspiration for free: Masterclasses, Guided Tours & Side Events.

Your OMR24 ticket not only grants you to access to our curated stage programming—but also to our exclusive lineup of Masterclasses, Side Events and Guided Tours. All you have to do is apply to attend between April 4 and 24. Here’s how it works:


Buy your OMR24 ticket and choose your favorite events in the timetable.


Apply to attend in our application tool.


Receive your confirmation and/or rejection notices beginning April 30.


Locate your confirmed events in the OMR app and enjoy exclusive content.

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90-minute deep dives on relevant industry topics presented by companies at the forefront of digital innovation. Industry experts showcase unique and engaging use cases and practice-oriented learnings to up 200 attendees.

Load up on actionable insights — presented by OMR Education.

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Side Events

Side Events

All throughout OMR Festival week, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg transforms into the world’s hub for digital & marketing professionals.

With our Side Events format, OMR24 partners bring the Festival vibe and spirit to all corners of Hamburg. From breakfasts and pub crawls to workshops and seminars, Side Events let you make new contacts and engage in though-provoking exchange away from the hustle and bustle of the Festival grounds.

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Guided Tours

Guided Tours

A Festival mainstay for years now, the concept is easy to explain: Industry experts lead a group on 45-minute strolls across the Festival dedicated to a single focus topic. Discover relevant players and companies, ask questions and receiving answers, while getting insider anecdotes and expertise in a one-to-few setting. In short, an intimate stroll around the Festival with a keynote for your ears only

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More FAQ
Are Masterclasses and Guided Tours also in English?

Masterclasses and Guided Tours will be in both German and English. At #OMR24, around 20% of the Masterclasses and 40% of Guided Tours will be in English. You can also see the respective language of the Masterclasses and Guided Tours in the timetable.

How can I participate in Masterclasses, Guided Tours or Side Events?

To participate in our Masterclasses, Side Events & Guided Tours, you require a #OMR24 ticket and then must submit an application. Applications can be submitted via our application tool beginning in April. You will receive an overview of your confirmation and rejection notices shortly before the Festival by mail. With your Festival Pass, we guarantee you a place in a Masterclass or Guided Tour — please note that you must apply to a minimum of 3 Masterclasses and/or Guided Tours. P.s.: To take part in Side Events, external applications, invitations or separate tickets may be necessary. We at OMR have no influence over this. You will find all further details in the timetable at the end of March.

What do I have to consider when applying for Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events?

To apply for a spot in our Masterclasses, Guided Tours and Side Events, you need an #OMR24 ticket and your own myOMR account. Please note that you must connect your ticket to your myOMR account via the “connect ticket” button in your ticket email. In order to get a guaranteed spot in a Masterclass or Guided Tour, you must apply to a minimum of three events.

Where do Masterclasses take place?

The #OMR24 Masterclasses will take place in halls B1, B2, B3, B4 and B6 as well as in halls A1 and A4. Where exactly your Masterclass will take place is indicated in the timetable or in your acceptance overview, which you will receive by mail at the end of april or which you can view at any time in the application tool.

Where do Guided Tours take place?

The starting point for the Guided Tours is located in Hall A4 at the RTL+ booth. You will also receive all further information there.


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