Zaria Parvez

Duolingo | Global Social Media Manager | Speaker

Zaria Parvez is Duolingo’s global social media manager. She leads social strategy, community management, and creator partnerships across all major social platforms. She spearheaded the development of Duolingo’s TikTok account. As a direct result of Zaria's work on Duolingo's TikTok strategy and execution, the now-famous TikTok channel grew from 50K followers in September 2021 to 6.6 followers today and was recently recognized as one of AdAge’s Top 5 Brand TikTok accounts. . The Duolingo TikTok has 83 viral videos (view counts of 1M or higher) due to Zaria’s creativity. What started as a test-and-learn initiative has become Duolingo's most successful social buzz and word of mouth initiative to date – all because of Zaria's insights, instincts, and expertise. More broadly, Zaria is a role model for a new, diverse class of Gen Z social media talent and has proven what's possible when given creative freedom and trust in the work she does. Prior to joining Duolingo, Zaria was a student at University of Oregon where she majored in advertising, business and psychology. 

Zaria Parvez live at the OMR festival 2023

Winning Gen Z with Entertainment-first Marketing

Wed, May 10th

09:00 - 09:25