Shepard Fairey

OBEY | Street Artist & Activist | Speaker


Shepard Fairey is one of the planet’s most influential figures in the streetart movement. Fairey has appeared in several award-winning films including “Exit through the Gift Shop” by his friend, fellow street-art pioneer Banksy, and is probably best known for the famous “Hope” portrait of Barack Obama, stemming from the 2008 US presidential campaign. His first viral hit—before viral was a mainstream term, mind you–came 20 years earlier with the global sticker campaign "Obey." With Obey Clothing he founded his own fashion label in 2001 and worked with the very big brands like Adidas, Nike and Pepsi. He remains an artist through and through, with works in the world's most famous museums and huge murals in cities on six continents.

Shepard Fairey live at the OMR festival 2023

Art to Activism: How a message is spread today

Wed, May 10th

12:35 - 13:00