Ronnie Fieg

KITH | Founder, CEO & Creative Director | Speaker

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Ronnie Fieg rose the ranks from 13-year-old stock boy at footwear franchise David Z. to the company’s chief buyer, giving him a profound understanding of the retail landscape and a network of powerful brand relationships. As the Founder, Creative Director, and CEO of Kith, Fieg is known for his ability to create premium products and deliver unparalleled experiences, with a business philosophy of giving the consumer more than what they pay for. Now in its second decade of existence, Kith has in-house apparel lines for men, women and children, a cereal and ice cream bar in every flagship, and a retail footprint in three continents. Using Kith as a vehicle, Fieg has applied his signature lens to an impressive list of collaborators, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Versace, BMW and many others. Kith is celebrated globally for its ability to tell stories, evoke nostalgia and create a connection between consumer and brand through exceptional product.

Ronnie Fieg live at the OMR festival 2023

Cross Culture Entrepreneurship

Wed, May 10th

14:10 - 15:10