Pamela Reif

Naturally Pam | Creator & Founder | Speaker


She is perhaps THE German pioneer of the Creator Economy: In 2013, ten years ago, Pamela Reif started posting content on Instagram at the age of 16. Over the years, the Karlsruhe native has built a reach of millions of followers and gained national prominence as a fitness influencer. During the Corona pandemic starting in 2020, millions of people sat at home and Reif's workout videos on YouTube became extremely popular. During this time, Pamela Reif finally gained worldwide recognition. Meanwhile, most of her fans are from abroad, and she is particularly successful in China. Today, Reif's fame and entrepreneurial activities extend far beyond the common digital platforms. She offers her own app with fitness and nutrition programs, has published best-selling books on nutrition topics, launched her own food brand under the name Naturally Pam, and recently also co-founded her own influencer agency. At the OMR Conference Stage, she will not only talk about how she builds a brand through content, but also about what her next entrepreneurial venture will be after sports and nutrition.

Pamela Reif live at the OMR festival 2023

Turning content into a brand – Pamela Reif's journey from influencer to multi-brand entrepreneur

Tue, May 9th

14:55 - 15:20


From your own kitchen to the supermarket shelf - Naturally Pam by Pamela Reif

Tue, May 9th

16:05 - 16:30

Food Stage