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FINVIA is a Frankfurt-based multi family office. The company combines excellent advice and proven family office services with the possibilities of digital technologies to make modern wealth orchestration at family office level accessible to a much broader target group. At the same time, FINVIA takes a holistic approach that addresses all of its clients' wealth concerns - giving them access to all asset classes, including alternative assets. FINVIA was founded in 2019 by Torsten Murke (CEO), Reinhard Panse (CIO), Hanna Cimen (COO), Christian Neuhaus (CCO), Marc Sonnleitner (CLO) and Valentin Bohländer (CPO). The 100-strong company manages assets worth EUR 4.5 billion (as of January 2022).


Investing after the million-dollar exit - how successful founders manage their assets today.

Tue, May 9th

14:45 - 16:15

Masterclass Finance FWD Track 19

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