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DealCircle is a matchmaking tool for the M&A process. Each year, M&A advisors use the DealCircle database for more than 1,000 M&A transactions to identify potential buyers (family offices, private equity, MBI as well as corporates) and to conduct the market approach.For investors, DealCircle is a deal sourcing tool that makes relevant M&A deals from hundreds of advisors available.In addition, DealCircle can be used to structure acquisition financing for company purchases and arrange it via LBO banks.Our mission is to make M&A processes in the small and mid-cap market more efficient and to make the daily work of M&A advisors and investors easier: Getting Deals Done. 🚀 Translated with (free version)


Succession instead of start-up - why buying is better than founding

Wed, May 10th

14:45 - 16:15

Masterclass Finance FWD Track 19

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