How can I generate reach on Tiktok and what kind of content tends to work on the platform? These are just two of the questions that many in the digital marketing industry figure to be asking about the year’s hot new kid on the platform block. For answers and inspiration, just take a closer look at the best viral videos on the platform in 2019.

Same procedure each year: every platform engages in an onslaught of humblebragging by publishing all sorts of best-of lists to close out the year. For Facebook, Snap, Instagram and other established platforms, the practice of highlighting top-performing content and creators is old hat. In 2019, China-based Bytedance is throwing its hat into the ring for the first time with its premier best-of list: the “Tiktok 100.”

Ten top-10s to inspire

However, Tiktok was not satisfied to simply publish a top-10 of viral videos. No, no. They came out with a host of lists ranging from the most successful memes, the 10 musicians whose songs were most frequently used, the most successful celebs, the fastest-growing creators, etc. Suffice to say that if you’d like to know what works on Tiktok taking a minute to peruse the lists can’t hurt. We’ve put together a table of the top-performing viral videos to make it easier for you to read up on the relevant KPIs and, of course, to give them another look.

The top-10 viral videos on Tiktok in 2019

Rank Creator Views Likes Comments Shares
1 David Dobrik 179.8m 17.4m 87.8K 762.4K
2 Caleb Cutler 99m 6.1m 30.3K 202.8K
3 malorielynn14 94.2m 7m 83K 287.1K
4 Jayleen Nina 45.6m 4.9m 84.4K 556.7K
5 Sammie Lewis 14.3m 2.1m 20.8K 105K
6 Jade Taylor-Ryan 15.4m 2.2m 19.7K 340.6K
7 Britanny Broski 11.6m 2m 10.8K 354.7K
8 Brent Bramer (Kushsmoker) 15.5m 1.5m 7070 45.4K
9 Kidney Sothran 10.2m 785.1K 7557 53.6K
10 Reagan Brown 4.5m 619K 6271 57K

(Source: Tiktok)

As is the case with other platform operators, Tiktok is not entirely transparent when it comes to the analytics it employs and which criteria and numbers are used to determine its best-of rankings. It’s entirely within the real of possibility that the people behind the lists just made editorial selections. We reached out to Tiktok’s press department to provide us with some clarity on the matter; we did not receive a reply. Regardless, what jumps out immediately is that with the exception of established Youtuber Dave Dobrik, who with nearly 180 views is responsible for the best-performing video in 2019, there are no other creators in the Top 10 who have made a name for themselves on other platforms. That’s significant when you consider the cross-over reach effects that having an established fan base elsewhere would have on Tiktok.

Number 1: “World record experiment” by David Dobrik, 179.8m views

Number 2: “Food Surgery” by Caleb Cutler, 99m views

Number 3: “Swimming Pool Fail” by malorielynn14, 94.2m views

Number 4: “Man vs. Wild Roach” by Jayleen Nina, 45.6m views

Number 5: “She wants my clout” by Sammie Lewis, 14.3m views

Number 6: “Mr. Sandman Cat” by Jade Taylor-Ryan, 15.4m views

Number 7: “Kombucha Girl” by Britanny Broski, 11.6m views

Number 8: “Wholesome Hummingbird” by Brent Bramer, 15.5m views

Number 9: “Crocs + shaving cream” by Kidney Sothran, 10.2m views

Number 10: “Bearsuit Daredevil” by Raegan Brown, 4.5m views