Serena Williams has been the world’s biggest tennis star since the early 2000s—winning more major titles than anyone else. Meanwhile, she also invests millions in early-stage companies through Serena Ventures.

Before we get to Serena, a quick refresher on what you can expect at OMR23. Just like last year, we’re expecting 70,000 visitors at the Hamburg Center. Just like last year, we’re going heavy on the on-stage content. And again, just like last year, the biggest stars will be on the Conference Stage. What’s new: there’s now only one ticket category for all visitors. The good thing is that with it, you’ll have access to every speaker and every hall (subject to capacity, of course). With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to the drop.

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Celebrated at the US Open

At OMR23, Williams will make one of her first appearances in Europe after ending her playing career last fall in New York at the US Open. On the tennis court, Williams was known for her tenacity, shot-power, and focus—a mix that enabled her to win 23 majors, winning an eye-popping 84% of her matches. Together with Nike, Serena Williams modernized the typical tennis look. Fittingly, she announced the end of her career not in a sports magazine, but in Vogue.

Over 16 million people follow her on Instagram. She has used her platform to found fashion brand “S by Serena” and the jewelry brand “Serena Williams Jewelry.” Through her line of clothing, she continues to promote body positivity and female empowerment. In addition to her decade-long partnership with Nike, Williams has also worked with Lincoln, Cash App, Just Egg, Gatorade, Michelob Ultra, Audemars Piguet and Gucci. Williams’ venture fund, VC Serena Ventures, launched a USD 111m fund in March 2022 and already has 60 companies in its portfolio. We look forward to getting her insights at OMR23 about her career and ventures.