OMR crawled and ranked the largest branded channels on GIPHY

Giphy Brand Ranking OMR 30 years. That’s how long GIFs have been around. But GIFs (pronounced GIF or JIF—if you like being wrong) have never been as popular as they have been in the last five years. On GIPHY, the world’s largest GIF portal, 200 million people search for the perfect video loop. With so much traffic, it’s no wonder that brands and companies run their own accounts. That got us to thinking: who’s the biggest brand on the platform? And how big is the biggest channel? To find out who’s the king GIF marketing, we created an algorithm to crawl GIPHY and then ranked the top-50.

Founded in early 2013, GIPHY is the first place most people to get their GIF. GIF creators (aka “Artists”), publishers and other content creators can upload their mini loops in the hopes of reaching the 200 million daily GIF’icionados on the GIPHY platform, on the GIPHY app or through one of the many GIPHY partner sites. Sites that have embedded a GIPHY search bar include Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Tinder and iMessage, among others. No less impressive is the amount of capital GIPHY generated in a short amount of time, USD 150 million, which helped spur it on to a USD 600 million valuation in October 2016.

GIF reach attracts marketers

With the seemingly unrelenting popularity of GIFs, as well as GIPHY’s massive reach, brands, marketers and the ilk have made it a priority to profit from the hype. GIPHY knows this and has a solution for partners, which lets them create and operate a “Branded Channel;” the service is free at the moment. Thousands of companies, artists, events and others are already on board. A few weeks ago, GIPHY started releasing the number of GIF views for partners, thus providing a first look at branded channel performance.

The most-viewed international branded channels on

Rang Partner Views in Mil.
1 Cheezburger 11,480
2 NBA 6,372
3 Southpark 4,674
4 NFL 4,455
5 Saturday Night Live 4,140
6 Hulu 3,871
7 MLB 3,232
8 America’s Funniest Home Videos 2,058
9 Warner Archive 2,040
10 Animation Domination High-Def 1,949
11 Election 2016 1,886
12 NHL 1,511
13 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert 1,509
14 The Academy Awards GIFs 1,491
15 Mashable 1,474
16 2017 MTV Video Music Awards 1,413
17 VH1 1,360
18 Netflix 1,148
19 Disney 1,067
20 Star Wars 1,061
21 WE tv 1,005
22 Geek & Sundry 999
23 The Hills 939
24 BBC 927
25 Hallmark eCards 925
26 Obama 903
27 gifnews 901
28 Nickelodeon 899
29 New Girl 891
30 CraveTV 872
31 ABC Network 866
32 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 858
33 The Bachelor 849
34 Twin Peaks on Showtime 821
35 The Paley Center for Media 796
36 a24 794
37 SpongeBob SquarePants 772
38 Bachelor in Paradise 765
39 Disney Pixar 763
40 Red Bull 733
41 Broad City 720
42 CBC 716
43 The Daily Show 711
44 Empire Fox 690
45 LEGO 688
46 BET Awards 676
47 WWE 657
48 Gilmore Girls 651
49 Game of Thrones 643
50 Girls on HBO 614

(Status October 5, 2017, 4PM)

No surprise the top-50 is dominated by content-producing behemoths: production studios, viral sites, TV formats and the major US sports leagues. But there are still a couple of surprise entries in the top-50. One came in at number 22: “Geek & Sundry,” a publisher focusing on all things geekdom, including RPGs, nets nearly 1 billion views a month. Two “standard” brand names cracked the top-50 in “Hallmark eCards” (rank 25, 925 million views), Red Bull (rank 40, 733 million views) and Lego (Rank 45, 688 mil. views).

Billions of views but no cash: Giphy’s plans at monetization

Although Giphy has incredible reach and is embedded on major social networks, the company has yet to monetize. That is about to change as COO Adam Leibsohn recently confirmed to Techcrunch, that the focus will no longer be on reach, but on developing ad formats. They will be experimenting with sponsored GIFs that will be showed in the direct search. According to co-Founder Alex Chung the company is contemplating a dozen of different business models. Giphy would be wise to not take too much time, as serious competition appears to be growing: Tenor, a competing GIF site, has a GIF keyboard that is available for nearly all relevant messenger programs and is said to generate nearly 300 million search queries a day.