This is the German company behind the nightmarish phone cases on Amazon

Proof of Amazon’s increasing relevance as an SEO platform

Eczema-ridden hands, old men in diapers or a good old-fashioned butt plug are just three of some 30K motifs that “my-handy-design” was hawking to users. Up until a few days ago, the uncouth motifs were available on Amazon, and also caused quite the stir in the international press. OMR found out who’s behind the coup and also explains just how the “my-handy-design” phenomenon is indicative of the current state of Online Marketing.

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60 million views in 30 days: how a German tabloid portal outperformed Youtubers with their own content

Celeb gossip in Germany nets a quarter of a billion views in six months

Impressions for German online tabloid portal Promiflash are shooting through the roof. So much so that it’s now the fastest growing German-language Youtube channel. Over 200 million views in 6 months—and over 60 million of those in the past 30 days alone. No matter how you spin it, those are insane numbers. Online Marketing Rockstars explains, how after relaunching the channel things really took off—and what that means moneywise.

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How a simple strategy made this entrepreneur 7 figures in a year

Svejna Teichmann cashed in using clever Amazon-SEO on Germany’s biggest retail platform

Svenja Teichmann
Founder and CEO of Disset Mode, Svenja Teichmann

Successful businesses in today’s digital marketplace are well versed in SEO. Be it on Google, on Youtube or on Amazon, there is no way around search engine optimization. In Germany, one savvy entrepreneur has taken to SEO game to Germany’s largest online retailer OTTO. Svenja Teichmann and her company Disset Mode figured out how to optimally place name-brand products on the platform—and turn seven figures.
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Jeff Deutsch made bank spamming Google

Symbolbild (Quelle: The Hangover, Warner Bros.)

(Source: The Hangover, Warner Bros.)

Working ten hours a week, banking $50K a month and making it rain like a monsoon. For most of us it sounds like a ridiculous dream. For Jeff Deutsch, such ridiculousness was reality. Beginning in 2009, Deutsch used his self-made SEO tool to push sites to the top of Google’s search results through aggressive link building. The practice netted him millions until Google came down hard on spamming. Deutsch recently shed light on life as a black hat, and the excess and debauchery on which SEO millionaires blew their sudden earnings.
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The Boom and Bust of Song Lyric Pages

Song lyric pages were once a sure-fire cash cow. But what Google once giveth, hath taken away

For years, song lyrics have provided resourceful online marketing pioneers with a solid source of easy income. But for many, the past two years have seen the boom go bust. One reason for their demise? Google’s in the same business. In an Online Marketing Rockstars’ exclusive, we sat down with an operator of one of Europe’s largest song lyric sites, who gave us the inside scoop on the industry’s rise and subsequent fall, while also providing us with current figures on his traffic.

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