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3 Companies To Watch
Are you the founder of a marketing or advertising startup and want to be on the same stage as Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat and Bruce Dickinson on March 3? Then tell us why you should be one of the “3 Companies to Watch” at OMR Festival 2017! Read on to learn more and to find out about the companies that have made it in years past.


If you already know that you have what it takes to be on stage as one of our top-3 companies, send us an email at Entry deadline is February 10, 2017. Please include

  • Company name
  • What issue your start up addresses
  • Business model
  • Target audience
  • Information on your funding

If you’re on the fence, read on and learn more about the platform.

3 Companies to Watch—what is it?

For the seventh year in a row, we are inviting three young companies to OMR Festival 2017 who we feel have an excellent chance at becoming an industry player. We’ve showcased a total of 24 companies, some of whom have promptly pulled a disappearing act, while others have made a name for themselves in the industry—securing investors and generating millions in revenue. Success stories include Mediakraft, Sociomantic, Fyber (previously Sponsorpay), wywy and Yieldify.

The industry will be watching

The Conference Stage at OMR Festival is normally populated by established industry heavyweights like Gary Vaynerchuk, Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti or Skate legend Tony Hawk. “3 Companies to Watch,” however, gives founders the chance to take the stage in front of an audience of thousands of marketing decision makers; and to discuss their projects. We’ve been doing this since the very first Online Marketing Rockstars Conference in 2011. At this inaugural conference we had two startups that really grew in Sociomantic and Sponsorpay (today Fyber).

Adtech startup Sociomantic was purchased by British big data specialist Dunnhumby for several hundred million USD. Dunnhumby is run by British supermarket chain Tesco and has a workforce of roughly 2500. Sociomantic continues to operate as a subsidiary and is still active in the RTB sector. Sponsorpay, too, has been doing great since their appearance in 2011. After renaming to Fyber, international media publisher RNTS Media purchased the startup in 2014 for just a shade under 200 million USD. Fyber continues to work independently as provider of ad technologies for app developers.

From Adtech to influencer business

We’ve featured startups from all around the industry: a hotel booking portal (Justbook), a mobile ad startup (Madvertise) and even an SEA specialist (Deltamethod)–and each of them landed lucrative exits after appearing on stage. In addition to financial success, we keep an eye on current trends when it comes to choosing the final 3. In 2013, Mediakraft presented its concept of a multi-channel network that helps Youtubers market themselves. Last year we found the topic so interesting that we invited seven influencer marketing platforms for a single slot among our final 3 (we’re good at marketing; math, not so much). They included HitchOn, Insocial Media, Media-Part, RachHero, Influting, Buzzbird and Addfame, , and each of them are still active bringing brands and influencers together.

Influencer 3 Companies To Watch

Influencer marketing panel at the OMR Conference 2016.

“Being on stage at OMR Festival really helped us build our brand and increased our recognition,” says wywy co-founder and COO Andreas Schroeter. Wywy, a TV Analytics startup, was on stage in 2013 and has now amassed more than 10.5 million USD in funding, Danish adtech company Adform racked up 27.5 million USD in investments after appearing in 2014, exit-intent producer Yieldify landed 11 million USD , while eCommerce analysis tool Minubo generated three million USD.

Don’t let a little failure scare you

ABut we of course aren’t clairvoyant and occasionally one of our 3 Companies to Watch just ups and vanishes. Generally speaking, though, our track record speaks for itself: we spotted Veescore (a Youtube tool we use for many of our articles), Productsup,, Remerge and CrossEngage in the past two years alone—and they are all still doing their thing.

Now is the chance for you and your company to take the stage

If you are a startup in the Adtech, Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc. sectors and you’d love the chance to be showcased on March 3 on the OMR Conference stage, contact us at and tell us why! Entry deadline is February 10, 2017.

What we need from you:

  • Company name
  • What issue your start up addresses
  • Business model
  • Target audience
  • Information on your funding

If there’s a company out there you think will be the next big thing and would like to nominate them, you can also contact us at If they make it to the final 3, you’ll get a nice little finder’s reward. And if you want to see the 2017 “3 Companies to Watch” live on stage, along side Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Tamara Lohan, be sure to get your ticket here to OMR Festival 2017.

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