Strategic China Digital Marketing and eCommerce Special (English)


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9:00AM - 09:30AM
Welcome and Introduction | Philipp Westermeyer and Tom Steinelt, OMR
09:30AM - 10:45AM
Digital Marketing and eCommerce in China | Corinna Bremer, OMR
  • China and the Chinese from a consumer marketing tech perspective: Geography and current consumer demographic figures
  • China‘s tech landscape: Alibaba’s “Ali system” vs. the “Tencent system”. Covering WeChat, Weibo, Taobao, TMall, Weitao, JD, Didi, Little Red Book (RED), Meituan, Youku, Yizhibo, Bilibili, Alipay, WechatPay – and then there’s still Bytedance’s Tik Tok and search engine Baidu
  • China‘s Influencer industry and why it’s so important for any marketing plan
10:45AM - 11:00AM
Coffee Break
11:00AM - 12:15AM
Marketing through the WeChat ecosystem | Thomas Graziani, WalkTheChat The WeChat ecosystem:
  • WeChat moments, official service/subscription/enterprise accounts, groups, wallet, mini programs, search and other trends
Promotion – How to get noticed in a competitive environment:
  • WeChat Influencers & KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)
  • WeChat Ads and CRM

WeChat & cross-border eCommerce:
  • How to sell via WeChat & Weibo from outside China
  • Cross-border payments via WeChat & Alipay
  • Managing international logistics for WeChat stores
12:15AM - 1:45PM
Lunch Break
1:45PM - 3:00PM
China crossborder eCommerce | Wenjing Liu and Damian Maib, Genuine German To enter or not to enter China: conducting due diligence
  • market and competitor analysis, review of brand/trade market status abroad, trade options, platform and onboarding requirements, financial feasibility/business planning
Logistics basics/selecting a trade partner
  • cross-border vs. general trade, warehouse location options: DE, CN/bonded, HK, comparison across criteria like price, delivery time, etc., W2W (web2web), standalone warehouses, bonded warehouse

Step by step: Exemplified platform onboarding process on Tmall

Marketing: platform-internal and platform-external channels

  • Overview, best practices, budget allocation
  • Deep dive: Alibaba – user behavior
  • Deep dive: Alibaba – best practices in key channels
  • Deep dive:
  • Deep dive: RED
  • Deep dive: Tiktok
  • Marketing budget allocation: product nature, pull vs. push, existing brand awareness, budget and ambition level, restrictions
3:00PM - 3:15PM
Coffee Break
3:15PM - 4:15PM
What do Chinese consumers expect from a brand? | Thomas "Afu" Derksen and Corinna Bremer Thomas is China’s most well known German influencer with more than seven million followers. Next to video examples, covered panel topics will include:
  • what a German brand needs to bring to China to be successful
  • what his Chinese audience really appreciates in terms of brand information
  • what he always tell his German clients who are trying to establish their brands in China
  • what it takes to be a successful Chinese influencer
  • how the different platforms in China work for his brand messages
4:15PM - 4:30PM
Coffee Break
4:30PM - 5:15PM
How to digitally reach Chinese tourists in Europe | Sven Spöde
  • Germany’s inbound tourism from China: facts and trends
  • A Chinese tourist’s customer journey: How to reach out to and get in contact with Chinese tourists across digital touchpoints
  • Mobile payment solutions: How to attract new customers with Alipay and WeChat Pay marketing at the POS
5:15PM - 5:45PM
Q&A with all Speakers
5:45PM - 8:00PM
Networking & Drinks


Who this workshop is aimed at:
  • Marketers ready to finally understand what the Chinese mega app WeChat is all about
  • Brand owners wanting to sell via WeChat from outside China
  • Companies thinking about developing their own eShop for China
  • Professionals curious about the Alibaba ecosystem, and how Tabao, TMall Global and work
  • Anyone interested in China's hottest social commerce platforms such as Little Red Book (RED) and live streaming tools
  • Brand retailers experiencing an increase in Chinese customers to their European stores, so that including them in the brand marketing funnel is a must
  • Influencer marketeers interested in the world's largest social media market
  • Online Marketers interested in discussing individual questions and problems directly with our experts
  • Business Developers and Networkers focussed on acquiring valuable contacts to our speakers and other seminar participants


What you will learn and take away:
  • A current and comprehensive overview on China’s unique digital landscape, digital marketing and commerce ecosystem
  • Invaluable insights from top international experts and China's Top 1 German influencer on how to market and sell your brands, products and services to Chinese customers inside and outside of China
  • More than 1.500 satisfied past Deep Dive participants say that that they would recommend our seminars to their friends and colleagues. But don't take their word for it: experience the quality of OMR Deep Dives yourself and learn from the pros. We look forward to seeing you in Hamburg in October!
Your ticket includes the following:
  • Full-day seminar with the best minds
    in the industry
  • All seminar materials as PDFs
  • An individual participation certificate
  • OMR notebook and pen
  • Food and drinks throughout the day,
    plus networking drinks in the evening


Why you need to be here:
  • We have top international Alibaba and WeChat experts from Beijing and Shanghai on board, with extensive experience in helping Western brands achieve significant sales success in China.
  • Thomas Afu Derksen is China’s most well known German influencer with more than seven million followers across Chinese and Western platforms. He has worked with brands such as Rossmann, 1. FC Bayern München, Ergobag, Alpecin/Dr. Wolff and Alipay.
  • Thomas Graziani runs one of the most well known digital marketing and commerce agencies in China. He has already spoken three times at OMR.
  • Damian Maib and Wenjing Liu run one of the few licensed China crossborder eCommerce agencies (TP) in Europe and tell you how to sell your products on China's huge eCommerce platforms.
  • Together with Sven Spöde, one of the best German experts on WeChat marketing, Alipay, WeChat Pay and China tourism marketing, and Corinna Bremer, OMR's China expert, this is probably the best selection of speakers on digital marketing and commerce in China that has ever appeared on the same stage in Europe.


Thomas Derksen (Afu)

China's Top German Influencer

Thomas Derksen is the No 1 German KOL/Influencer in China. Originally working in a German bank, he quit his job to study Chinese and Economy in Bochum and Shanghai. After he moved to Shanghai in 2016 he started producing short videos in Chinese and gained immense popularity with now more than 7 million followers on Chinese and Western social media platforms. He worked together with several German brands in China, like Alipay, Rossmann, Ergobag (Fond of), Bayern München and Alpecin (Dr. Wolff) and many more. He is also author of a Spiegel bestselling book about his life in China.

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Corinna Bremer

Writer & Market Analyst | OMR

Corinna Bremer is a market analyst for China’s tech industry. After studying Chinese, Corinna spent 10 years in China working for German media conglomerate Bertelsmann, where she managed the corporation’s Chinese magazine, advertising and digital media businesses. In addition to providing market insights with her company China Tech Intelligence, she is a frequent contributor to the OMR Daily Blog where she writes about China’s latest Internet trends.

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Thomas Graziani

Co-Founder | WalktheChat

Thomas Graziani is a French WeChat eCommerce and CRM specialist, as well as co-founder of WalktheChat. He helps companies make the most out of WeChat to grow their business. WalktheChat is a Beijing-based consulting and development agency focussed on building innovative strategies and products for WeChat marketing and branding. WalktheChat works with large groups such as Nestlé, as well as small and middle-sized enterprises. Previously, Thomas was part of the marketing and strategy department at Schneider Electric China and a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He lives and works in Beijing.

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Wenjing Liu

Managing Partner | Genuine German

Wenjing Liu is a Chinese eCommerce professional at Genuine German. Wenjing has grown up as an eCommerce and social media native. She studied in China and France, and found her passion in helping European brands entering this complex market. She is an expert in transliterating European product and brand strategies to the local Chinese environment, while being aware of the operational and regulatory intricacies of the specific product. Wenjing lives and works in Shanghai and Berlin.

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Damian Maib

Founder & CEO | Genuine German

Damian Maib is the founder and CEO of Genuine German. He develops and executes eCommerce and marketing strategies for German brands to reach and secure their share of the Chinese market. Genuine German, with its holistic brand building approach, strongly utilizes the combination of large sales platforms with intense social media marketing (e.g. Alibaba and RED). Damian works and lives in Shanghai and Berlin. Genuine German clients include multi-national corporations and well known late stage startups.

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Sven Spöde

China Digital Strategist

Sven Spöde is a China digital strategist. He is an expert in WeChat and Alipay marketing and helps German and European companies to connect with their Chinese customer and target groups in Germany. Skilled in digital strategy, intercultural communication, user experience, and usability engineering with an academic background in Cognitive Science.

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